And the Winner is…Vince Vaughn

     If I could be any man, I would without so much as a second thought, choose to be Vince Vaughn.    I like everything about him. I, of course, love the obvious things first. He’s very tall, amusing, surprisingly athletic, a master of wit and dry humor…he’s got everything.  However, lots a men have these qualities. I wouldn’t say they’re a dime a dozen, but I wouldn’t call them few and far between either.  Why then, in my mind does Vince Vaughn epitomize all these traits?  The answer….I don’t know…he’s just got it. Charisma can’t me learned, taught, or emulated.  Two men of a similar look and stature can utter the same words out of their mouths…let’s say they’re identical twins….no matter what, one will sell it better by nature.  These are the people who smell good with no cologne, and are surrounded by friends they didn’t try to make.  These are the people that could literally give a detailed account of the last time they really had a tough battle on the john, and have us all sitting like wide-eyed kindergarteners on the floor waiting for a full description of the product, including hue, scent, and buoyancy.  You can squirm or make funny faces now, but what I’m saying is true, and Vince Vaughn is the poster child for it.  His tall hair sticking up from behind his slightly receded hairline is art…and his gut wouldn’t be quite as right if it didn’t resemble the one the fake Santa Claus at the mall wears.  His speedy words, and lack of voice inflection make every line he delivers poignant and perfect….they’re just Vince.  He needs no introduction or salutation.  He blows in and out of scenes like a fall leaf in the air.  He’s subtle, colorful, crisp, and hard to wrap your hands around.  Yet, everyone stares at him and comes from afar to get a glimpse.  Now I ask….What Calvin Klein model, professional athlete, or action star has that level of charisma?  My guess is none.  Better bodies? Higher paycecks? More “smack-down” ability?  Maybe and probably.  More charisma?  Not a snowball’s chance in hell.  Vince Vaughn has made us all fall madly in love with a cheating husband, speaker salesman, shameless wedding crasher, dodge ball competitor, commitment-phobic redeck, and almost always an out of shape, morally questionable  and cripplingly quirky hastle of a man.  He charms us everytime, and he’s the guy every other man wants to see next to him on his couch, drinkin’ a cold beer every Monday night. He’s a guy’s guy, but the ladies love him, beer-gut and all.

      For the record, I love everything about being a woman.  I’m as disgustingly girly as they come.  Bring on the lipstick, high heels, pink cell phones, days at the spa, and designer purses.  I embrace it.  I’m simply saying, given the chance for a “gender bender”…Vince Vaughn is it…everytime.  I can almost feel his mojo from here….the force is strong in that one…

3 thoughts on “And the Winner is…Vince Vaughn

  1. Vincent Anthony Vaughn was born on March 28, 1970, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and raised in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA. His parents were Vernon Vaughn, a salesman, and Sharon Vaughn, a real-estate agent and stockbroker. They later divorced in 1991. He also has two older sisters named Victoria Vaughn and Valeri Vaughn…

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