Ode to the Pink Flask

     I have found something wonderful in life.  At first glance it’s a bit silly, and something a little bit sad to identify with.  I have a new flask I got for Christmas, and if I believed (which I do not) that people could somehow exist in inanimate objects, this alcohol-delivering vessel is the thing I’d be.  I either was it, or would be it in another life (again, if I believed such hog wash).  I forced everyone I saw on New Years to drink from it, expecting everyone to delight in it equally as much as I was.  I thought when their lips touched it fireworks would come out their ears.  I could see tem looking at me like I was nuts while I waited on the edge of my seat for them to take a little swig.  It’s a little indulgent of myself to actually require everyone around me to be amused at whatever I’m selling them on at that time, but I do it anyway.

     I have to give my husband the credit for this delightful flask.  It is a shorter flask than normal, embellished liberally with pink rhinestones.  It fits perfectly in my purse, and I swear whistles a Marilyn Monroe tune of some sort every time I pull it out (though I’m the only one that hears it). It makes me feel more feminine even than wearing lipstick or swinging a shopping bag.  When I have it in my purse, I feel like I’m carrying a delicious secret that I halfway want everyone to know about. I think it dances about in there like a Jumanji board begging to be unleashed. How did my husband know what a mesmerizing gift he’d chosen for me?  But then, that’s why I married him.  He knows me, and knows exactly the weird brand of things that make me tick.  He even gets the unexplainable, and insane “megalomaniactic” reasons why…ahh…my heart flutters.

     I very much want to carry this flask about everywhere like a child would a new toy.  It has so much personality that I’m flirting with the idea of making it a facebook page, providing it with a place at my dinner table, and just maybe painting a face on like Tom Hanks did for Wilson in Castaway if I get lonely enough.  What a pleasing flask…

   Please nobody worry about me, or petition for me to be involuntarily committed.  I’m aware I have a screw loose…but it’s worth it to get to admire such a wonderful thing in my life.  Oh what a yummy thing to own…:)

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