The Roar

A friend of Mine on facebook posted this, and I love it,

“spirituality is rebellion; religiousness is orthodoxy. spirituality is individuality; religiousness is just remaining part of the crowd psychology. religiousness keeps you a sheep; spirituality is a lion’s roar.”

God. Good. Evil. Light. Dark. Origin. Life.  Meaning. Death. Heaven. Hell.

How much time do we spend refusing to contemplate these ideas, or believing we are contemplating them through some kind of actions or methods?  We all have our beliefs about it, often decided out of convenience, I might add.  Some believe, some don’t.  Almost always though, whatever we do is based off what we find palatable, and almost everyone has some practice that helps them mark a box on a checklist. 

However, I find true spirituality a rarity.  It is a natural part of us that rumbles down in there, like lava under the Earth’s Core.  It should spew out on its own, but instead we cap it, and decide to let it out when it looks like the thing we think it should.  We becomes apes, and start to mimic someone with faith, without actually knowing what faith feels like in our own stirring bones.

I’m a Christian, meaning I believe there is one God, who sent his son, Jesus, to deliver a race made in His image…mankind.  I believe in worshiping him, and experiencing him, as directed in the Bible.  However, lately I’ve realized that worship is not a practice.  It is not an acquired habit.  It’s just experiencing God through the vessels in which he reveals himself to you.  If we aren’t all the same, why would we expect our attitudes of prayer would be? 

Often times, church is the only place we’re expected to act as everyone else instead of the individuals we are.  I don’t care if it is a traditional Church, doting beloved hymns, or a charismatic room of shouters.  People tend to look to each other for advice on how to worship instead of to the creator, who is in them already.  I would say every prayer experience is unique; that like a snowflake, no two are alike.  However, instead of being those snow flakes, we tend to get lost in rules and regulations that have nothing to do with actually learning our maker.  We tend to have group relationships with God, but not so much personal.

When I read the quote today, that sparked all of this, one thing gripped me most, “spirituality is a lion’s roar.”  That is the answer.  Spirituality, a sense of merging beings, with something so far higher than we are will make tantric look like child’s play.  When true spirituality exists, we can break religious molds, destroy legalism, and laugh in the face of the laws that bind us.  We will be free in a new sense that is so wild it will keep us from making other mischief.  We won’t need it. Spirituality will become our religion, but an involuntary one, completely out of our comfort zones.  This small quote dropped but a taste onto my tongue, and already, my mind is on fire.  I feel like I’m feeling a little more God today, and it feels great.  And I’m not even feeling it on purpose…it’s completely out of character.  I’m starting to hear what a roaring lion really sounds like, and it wasn’t what I thought I’d heard with my feeble human ears.  This roar doesn’t awaken man…it awakens the spirit.  It is the roar of the spirit..the only roar that seems real anymore.


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