Oh, the Possibilities

I’m a big fan of possibilities.  I love games of chance, dare-to-be-great situations, and prospects of new beginnings.  I love to watch it all unfold, and admire in an awestruck fashion, how it all came together.  Because of this, I’m always hungry.  I feel like a shark, combing the waters for something better than plankton.  I want a new fish to fry, one that gives me different meaning for a season.  It keeps me sane, or maybe insane, the possibilities.  I’m certainly not too rational to live my life this way…

I’m a cheerleader for making resolutions.  I think everyone should do it. It’s an excuse to examine the parts of your life that feel empty of purpose, and give it some.  Our purpose validates our existence, and the options are endless.  I love feeding off the buzz of others, knowing everyone is setting their goals for the coming year.  I like to be part of the hustle and bustle.  I want that energy, that purposefulness.  I need goals, and lots of ’em.

This part of my personality can make me appear wishy-washy to some…maybe I’m a bit of a shiny object chaser.  I don’t know, but it works.  It’s not wrong to be a nomad, as long as you’re a healthy one.  We don’t want to be standing on the side of the roads holding signs, but we also don’t want to be standing inside our own prisons that are painted beige and smell like printer paper either. 

I just see so many colors, flavors, assortments, and I want those things in the moment.  I don’t really care if my pursuits are illogical.  That’s what makes life great, and I spent too long of a time fearing the bright things.  If we came into this world knowing what everyday would be, where would the purpose exist?  We would be robots.  However, there is this great thing, a feisty thing, that makes us search for new stars to reach all the time.  Some of that time will inevitably be spent groping around in the dark.

The point is: make goals.  Challenge yourself to do something you want.  It is the greatest therapy.  Take up tap dancing, quit your job to make/sell rocking chairs, grow that mangy beard, see that island you never want to spend the money on…do it.  Track it like a lion, with planning and perserverence…then DO IT!  On January 1st, the calendar gives you a place to start in case you couldn’t find one.  Whatever that thing is, business or pleasure, if it’s knocking at your door from the inside, let it out.  The possibilities are endless.:)

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