Wishful Thinking

I think maybe I actually like this time of year. I am constantly complaining about the cold, wet weather, or lack of sunshine. I am in despair over the lack of coconut scents trailing about me. I’m bored to tears watching the world from behind glass. I look down at my white legs, and immediately contact a spray tan specialist. I’m miserable…

However, I don’t know if I ever long more than in the heart of January. I don’t know that I fantasize, daydream, and wish more than in January. I find myself buying tropical air fresheners, googling sunsets on the Charleston harbor, picking out bathing suits on Victoria’s Secret’s website, and maybe even shaving my legs for spite. I keep going because I know I have something magical to look forward to. I suppose if it were always summer, that would be as good as it gets. What would I have to pine for?

That poses another question. Is wishing for something better than actually getting it? I don’t know if a wish is better than the actual moment a dream comes true, but it might be better than the continuation of it. There’s nothing more great than having possibilities. There’s nothing sweeter than feeling like you’re almost there. Maybe that second right before you know the best is coming, but you’re sure of it, is the best. That is quite a small second too.

Much like summer, moments in life like this are quick to pass us by. That’s why it’s important to work towards goals, and let yourself yearn insatiably. It hurts in a way to just have a yen for something that may be an impossible dream. However, it’s far worse to want for nothing at all. Therefore, we need the winter, because we need things to make us squirm. When we squirm we move, and when we move, we do. I will keep close to me, the apple’s of my eye. I can brush their fingertips now, and it’s just enough to keep me hungry.

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