Fun Prompts

1.  Look at a house nearby.  Write a fiction piece about the people who live there.

2.  Write advice to your sixteen year old self.

3.  Describe your perfect writing room.

4.  Write from the perspective of a family member.

5.  Write everything good about a difficult person in your life.

6.  Write from the perspective of your favorite celebrity.

7.  Write about how your dog sees you.

8.  Write a time you were wrong.

9.  Write about a memory you have before age 5.

10.  Write about a time you felt like a big deal.

11.  Write about how you cope in comparison to others.

12.  Write an alternate ending to your favorite book.

13.  Write about a time you were wrong.

14.  Write about a spiritual experience.

15.  Compare yourself to the city you live in.

16.  Write about the doings of a fictitious person you watch from afar.

17.  Write about what’s behind the door a found key opens.

18.  Write about being stuck in an elevator.

19.  Write about a time you were jealous.

20.  Make up a character with a unique quirk.

More to come!

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