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The reviews are in and Tobacco Sun has quickly become favorite read! 

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“I couldn’t put this book down. The author takes us on a journey with two sisters and the how life’s misfortunes affected each of them. She gave us a behind-the-curtain look at their psychology and the survival mechanisms they use to persevere through difficult experiences. This book will leave you rooting for its characters and marveling at the strength of the human spirit.” – Holly 


“Tobacco Sun is a scintillating tale of two estranged sisters bound together by love, loss and a deadly secret. This book is a real page turner that I just couldn’t put down. This story takes you on a complete roller coaster ride of emotions from euphoria and exhilaration to frenzy and intoxication and back again. “ – Jessica


“Loved this book! The author uses such a strong sense of voice throughout this book that I felt like I’d known these characters forever! I kept having to stop and read parts of it aloud to my daughter! Great novel, Lorna Hollifield!” – Carmen


“Tobacco Sun was an emotional ride through the history of two sisters. The web of events that bound them together was slowly untangled by Hollifield in a way that made me want to find out more. I’m not a Southern fiction expert, but Tobacco Sun had that same heaviness of life that I’ve experienced in the few Southern fiction novels I’ve read. You’ll feel alternately sad, happy, and angry as the novel progresses and find yourself rooting for the characters to find the redemption they so desperately need.” – Leslie